Jahanjarah espadana

About us

TheJahan Jarah Espadana COmpany (JJECO) was founded in 2009. The company worked in preparation, production and distribution of medical, dental and laboratory equipment and it has brilliant history in servicing health care centers in Iran
In 2015, the company start its Orthopedic production line under the
JJECO license officially with the best quality and  comparable to the worlds top products
Receiving official licensesfromthe ministry of health and National Standard of Iran shows the quality of the company. The products also receive
2015 ISO 9001
ISO 13485 2016
ISO 19011 2018
form the Unification Standards Company
The Jahan Jarah Espadana is ready to make, produce and export all of the consumers goods in the field of medicine. You must know that all of the stuff has a quality guarantee
.This company always tries to promote the personal scientific level and also the quality of its goods based on its motto stuggle for being better